(Special session at WCCI 2020)

19 - 24th July, 2020, Glasgow (UK)


Aggregation is an observable and explainable component of human decision making, and an important component of multicriteria decision making (MCDM) methods. In the last fifty years the research in the areas of aggregation and related applications is strictly increasing. At this time, aggregation functions are in the title of several books and book chapters, the topic of specialized conferences, and special sessions of many conferences in the areas of fuzzy systems, artificial intelligence, operations research, decision making, and control. The area of aggregation has two main tracks: aggregation theory, and engineering applications. The developments in these two tracks are rather independent and the coordination between these two tracks seems insufficient. One of motives for the proposal of this special session is to create opportunities for direct interaction between people interested in mathematical and engineering aspects of aggregation. Other motives are to stimulate research in the following underrepresented areas of aggregation studies. First, aggregation operators are used for modeling some of human mental processes, but empirical studies of the quality of such models are very rare. Second, aggregation functions that include conjunction and disjunction are essentially logic functions but both the aggregation theory and MCDM applications are rarely interpreted in the context of logic. Third, all aggregation models used in decision making create results which naturally need to be explained, but the explainability models still have to be developed. Fourth, most theoretical results are usually justified using toy problems. There is a clear interest to stimulate and show professional-grade applications of aggregation models in various areas. Therefore, there are multiple motives to offer a Special Session on aggregation at WCCI and we believe that this Special Session will attract attention of many researchers in this area, both theoreticians and practitioners.

Contents: Contents.
Soft computing aggregation structures are the fundamental components of decision models. In addition, aggregation structures are used in several other areas of computational intelligence. In this Special Session we are primarily interested in the following topics:
  • New trends in the theory of aggregators
  • Applicability of the theory of aggregators
  • New trends in aggregation structures: fuzzy humancentric and logic aggregation
  • MCDM methods and aggregation in decision support systems
  • Aggregation in database querying systems
  • Aggregation in areas different from decision modeling
  • Explainability of aggregation results
  • New trends in applicability of aggregation structures: professional-grade applications in AI, medicine, geography, ecology, image processing, query answering systems, big data, IoT, stream/on-line data aggregation, and other areas.

Organizers: Organizers.
  • Michal Baczynski
  • Tomasa Calvo Sánchez
  • Guy De Tré
  • Jozo Dujmović
  • Marek Gagolewski
  • Simon James
  • Radko Mesiar
  • Vicenç Torra
  • Sławomir Zadrożny

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    Contact person: Jozo Dujmović,

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    The special session will be inserted in the FUZZ-IEEE conference and part of the proceedings of the whole World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2020) held in Glasgow, Scotland.
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